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Kinzly Moore


Office: 6701 Science & Engineering Bldg
Phone: (615) 322-2144


Ph.D. University of Tennessee, 1978
M.S. Vanderbilt University, 1972
B.S. Vanderbilt University, 1969


  • Carbonate Petrology
  • Paleobiology


General Interests

Kinzly Moore returned to Vanderbilt as a lecturer in Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2000. The lectureship has proved to be an ideal position for pursuing his favorite pastime -- making the complex workings of Earth as comprehensible to as many students as possible. Specializing in introductory survey courses, Dr. Moore concentrates his time and effort on providing a clear conceptual explanation of Earth sciences suitable for EES majors, as well as those "non-scientists" facing distribution requirements. While eschewing research in favor of classroom preparation, he maintains an active interest in all things geological, particularly issues related to the complex interaction of life and environment. Past research themes include the taxonomy and paleoenvironmental significance of ancient benthic algae, the role of calcareous algae in carbonate sedimentation, and recognition and timing of early diagenetic cementation in carbonate rocks.

Courses Taught

• Geology 100 – Environmental Geology
• Geology 101 – Dynamic Earth
• Geology 102 – Geological History of the Earth
• Geology 103 – Oceanography
• Geology 106 – Marine and Coastal Environments


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Redwall Cavern, Marble County, Colorado River, Az
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