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Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning

VIDL is the hub for online and digital learning at Vanderbilt.  VIDL is charged to enhance on-campus education through online or other digital technologies, to promote research on digital learning, and to produce and manage Vanderbilt’s massive, open, online courses (MOOCs).  In these efforts, VIDL provides a number of resources, funding, and fellowship opportunities.


Self Serve Studio

The studio is designed so that someone, alone or with a colleague, can produce a high-quality video with a custom background in one visit without further assistance.  The studio space is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of formats. Initial training sessions will demonstrate how to make videos of a speaker in front of a custom background–with or without a digital presentation–or a screen capture with voice over. The studio is available to faculty, staff, and students of Vanderbilt University. Attendance at a training session is required before any recording sessions can be scheduled.

To reserve a spot in an upcoming training session, or to make a general inquiry, contact:

For more information regarding the studio, visit:

Innovation Program

MicroGrants: VIDL offers a number of small microgrants up to $500 for faculty and staff who need to purchase equipment or software to jumpstart  innovative digital projects.  Please click here to read the MicroGrant proposal call.

MacroGrants: VIDL aslo offers macrogrants for more extensive innovative projects being pursued by faculty and staff. These grants, with an upward limit of $10,000.00, are meant to enable larger scale digital projects.  Please click here to read the MacroGrant proposal call.

Working Groups: In order to encourage multidisciplinary groups of faculty and staff who to work together to develop strategies for digital innovation, VIDL offers up to $4,000 each to support a cross-discipline, team-based approach to digital innovation.  More information on the Working Groups coming soon.

Student Innovation Awards: In order to encourage (and recognize) innovative digital work being carried out by students, VIDL offers monetary awards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for innovative digital projects that have been pursued over the course of the academic year. More information on the Student Innovation Awards coming soon.

Any inquiries about any of the exploration programs may be addressed to

Ole Molvig (

Graduate Fellows Program

Each year VIDL invites current Vanderbilt graduate students to apply to its Graduate Fellows program.  Selected students will receive a stipend and meet weekly to engage in a wide variety of projects designed to enhance digital learning at Vanderbilt and each student’s own capabilities and knowledge of digital learning.  For more information please visit:

Research Support

VIDL offers letters of support, broader impact plans, and data management strategies that involve digital learning for proposals to government agencies and foundations. VIDL also oversees the release of digital learning data from Vanderbilt’s MOOCs, and consults on IRB applications involving digital learning data.  For more information regarding VIDL and research support, please contact Gayathri Narasimham (


VIDL produces and manages many of the massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) that Vanderbilt offers.  To see what courses are currently being offered, please visit

To contact VIDL about its online course development, please email