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The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy

The Curb Center is a hub of collaboration, creation, and innovation where students and faculty can bring their creative and socially conscious project ideas to life.  By providing work space, cutting edge technology, and instruction, The Curb Center has become a place where the arts and educational technology meet.  On the Center’s website, there is more information about The Curb Scholars program, courses offered by Curb Center faculty and staff, and currently active research projects supported by The Curb Center.

All equipment, instruction and events at The Curb Center are free and available to any Vanderbilt student, instructor, and faculty member who wants to use or attend them.  Below is a list of the studios housed at The Curb Center and the digital resources within each studio.

For more information on how to access The Curb Center’s facilities, to find out how to use some of the resources available at The Curb Center, contact The Curb Center at (615) 322-2872 or or visit The Curb Center at 1801 Edgehill Avenue.


  • Video Conferencing facilities
  • Recording Studio
    • editing software
    • instruments
    • speakers
    • podcast facilities
    • concert mixing board
  • Gaming Studio
    • Xbox 360
    • Wii
    • PlayStation
    • Unity – game design software
    • game library
  • Video Editing Suite
    • storyboarding facilities
    • 2 Sony FS 100 with 3 lenses (35, 50, and 85) and a microphone and boom stick
    • 1 GoPro
    • 1 Canon Vixia Camcorder
    • 3 Kodak ZI8 PlayTouch
    • 1 Fuji InStax
    • Black Magic Production Camera HK
    • computers with Adobe Primer
    • high definition projector for post-production
  • STEAMroom (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math Room) – Makerspace for the Arts
    • squishy circuits
    • littleBits
    • Vilros
    • pen wall with 3D pens
    • 2 3D printers
    • light table
    • banner/poster printer