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Jean and Alexander Heard Library

The Library functions as one of the key resources on campus for educational technology information, guidance, and instruction.  In particular, the Library employs staff members with expertise in and availability for individual consultations for a variety of EdTech skills and programs such as: programming language, data curation, digital mapping, network analysis, website creation, and citation management.


R: R is an open source programming language for statistical analysis that can be used to analyze and visualize data.

SPARQL: SPARQL is a W3C programming language for querying the semantic web–e.g., the web of data rather than the web of documents.

XQuery: XQuery is a W3C programming language for working with semi-structured data such as XML and JSON; XQuery is a good choice for many digital humanities projects.

Data Curation

Data curation is about describing, publishing, and preserving your research data so that others may build on and extend your work.

Figshare: Figshare is a system for preserving and publishing research data and other scholarly artifacts.

GitHub: GitHub is an online repository hosting service for storing, sharing, and collaborating on digital projects.

  • Resources: Getting Started with GitHub
  • Contact: Ramona Romero

Digital Mapping

The library provides resources and support for several tools which can be used for creating interactive digital maps including: ArcGIS, Mapbox, and TileMill

Network Analysis

The library provides resources and support for several network analysis tools such as the Neo4j graph database and the Cypher query language.

  • Resources: Heard Library Online Tutorial — Getting Started with Network Analysis
  • Contact: Suellen Stringer-Hye


The library staffs experts in editing and creating Wikipedia pages.

Scholarly Websites

The library provides resources and support for students, staff, and faculty members who wish to learn how to create scholarly web pages.

Creating scholarly/personal websites: The main platform supported by the university for website creation is, which is hosting space for faculty WordPress pages.

 Creating project websites with Github pages:

Citation Management

The library provides resources and support for several citation management tools including: EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley