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Video Platforms

  • The new Drug Discovery Online Video Platform, Ph.ideo, makes it easy for continuing education learners to use and share online learning experiences. 
  • We emphasize videos, short quizzes, and simple badging approaches.
  • Drug Discovery Online is a non-credit online resource developed by leaders in the field who outline drug discovery and development science, basic concepts, processes, and business approaches.
  • Our new video platform makes it easier than ever for our network to watch and listen to lectures, earn badges and join the Drug Discovery Online community. 

Free video content on Vimeo 

Visit our Vimeo homepage for all video content generated by Drug Discovery Online – FOR FREE! 

*** This is only the video content. To earn a certificate or badge you must go to the Ph.ideo Website below.***

Ph.ideo Website

Earn badges and certificates by visiting this site.

For the optimal web experience, please click on the link above.

Ph.ideo Mobile App

If you are interested in our mobile application, please click the mobile app link.

Drug Discovery Online Badges 

Here you will find a full list of badges available through Badgr.

Vimeo Lectures

Enzyme Kinetics by

F. Peter Guengerich, Ph.D. | Department of Biochemistry