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Frequently Asked Question – Registration

How do I register?

How to Register

***Once you have registered click on BrightSpace to access the course***

Access to BrightSpace may take approximately 20 minutes before recognizing your registration.

How Do I access the course material?

Frequently Asked Question – Student Questions

Who might be interested in taking drug discovery online courses?

Drug Discovery Online courses are suitable for anyone interested in Drug Discovery, including:

  • Undergraduate students interested in medicine or anyone who is considering applying to medical school
  • Individuals thinking about pursuing training in healthcare careers
  • Professionals looking to improve knowledge in drug discovery and development
  • Advanced high school students who are interested in drug discovery and development
  • Curious learners with the proper prerequisites

Who can currently take the courses?

We are currently only offering the courses to Vanderbilt University students, but plan to open enrollment to non-VU students in Fall 2020. If you are interested in receiving the most up-to-date information about the DDx courses, please sign-up for our email list.


How do you sign up?

To register for a course, please complete the interest survey. At this time, we are only registering VU students but will open the program to non-VU students in Fall 2020. Any non-VU student who enrolls in a course will be removed.

What are the prerequisites?

We recommend knowledge of basic chemistry, biology, and physics. Advanced knowledge of specific subjects will also be required on a course-by-course basis.

Do you offer Vanderbilt University credit for DDX 2-week mini-courses?

We do not offer academic credit for Drug Discovery Online courses. Still, we offer a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Completion, which you will receive once we have completed the evaluation process. We highly encourage participants to add this to their CV or LinkedIn profiles.

Will I earn a grade? Do I need a good score to get a certificate?

Your scores and participation during the course, including quizzes and written assignments, will determine whether you qualify for a Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Completion. Earning a certificate requires significant effort, and not all participants will meet that level of achievement.

Can I mention my certificate in my LinkedIn profile or on my resume?

Yes! You can add the certificates to your LinkedIn or resume. Courses should be listed as “DDX- Drug Discovery Online (Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacology).”


Frequently Asked Question – Faculty Questions

Can I teach my course as part of the Drug Discovery Online program?

We are always looking for new courses to add to our Drug Discovery Online program. These courses should be suitable for those interested in Drug Discovery. To start the process of creating a course, please reach out to Kendra H. Oliver at

Here is an introductory video for creating Discovery Diagnosis (DDx) mini-courses and Master of Science in Drug Discovery (MSDD) semester-long courses with Drug Discovery Online (DDO).


What if my course has prerequisites?

If your proposed course has prerequisites, we can add a requirement that all students who are interested in taking your course must meet those prerequisites.

What is the policy for online course content creation?

Drug Discovery Online follows the Video Use Policy Statement:

The Drug Discovery Online is a Basic Science, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University (VU) campus resource that helps in the production of educational video and audio content, in furtherance of the University’s educational mission to disseminate knowledge. All audio/visual products produced through Drug Discovery Online, by Drug Discovery Online staff, and using Drug Discovery Online resources are the property of Vanderbilt University, with these exceptions:

  1. External clients: Vanderbilt University retains rights to the raw footage of all the audio and video Drug Discovery Online captures through digital means, and where we have obtained the necessary permissions and clearance on copyrighted material such as images and sound files. While the finished product is the property of the client, VU retains a perpetual, irrevocable, exclusive, and royalty-free license to use portions of the audio/video in other VU productions or promotional material. For external client projects which may include hosting on Coursera or other online platforms through Drug Discovery Onlne, Vanderbilt University retains the rights to both the raw footage and finished product.
  2. Student work: All audio/video produced by students using the Drug Discovery Online studio will be the property of the student. Students may only use the Vanderbilt University logo and affiliated material by the Licensing Policies of Vanderbilt’s Trademark Licensing Office. Students should be knowledgeable of copyright restrictions when using copyrighted material (such as images, including graphs, photos, and sound files such as music). It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they obtain necessary permissions when using copyrighted material.
  3. Granting Agencies: In instances where a Granting Agency (e.g., NSF, NIH, etc.) asserts ownership of the finished product, grantees should seek a license on behalf of Vanderbilt University.

Is there a release form for online video content?

Yes. We will ask that you sign this form before you begin recording your course. Click here to sign the release form

Do you offer compensation for teaching Drug Discovery Online courses?

Yes, we do offer compensation for teaching Drug Discovery Online courses. Please contact Kendra H. Oliver for more information (