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Students enrolled in DIVE-approved courses will be given the tools needed to comprehend and apply human-centered design principles. DIVE Students will be instructed through three levels of the DIVE experience:

1) Comprehend human-centered design.

2) Apply human-centered design principle to formulate and plan, gain deeper understanding, and to develop an initial solution to problems.

3) Apply higher level human- centered design principles to prototype, test, and implement solutions to problems.

DIVE Course Options

DIVE-approved courses will be offered in a variety of departments, such as Medicine, Health, and Society (MHS), Human and Organizational Development (HOD), Theatre, and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Students should register using YES.
  • Students are not required to participate in a DIVE Boot Camp prior to enrolling in Design Thinking, Design Doing. The Boot Camp will be incorporated into the course.

Featured Course Highlights



DIVE Students Design New Pooper Scooper
Dan Spangler’s doggie day care and boarding business found itself in some deep…trouble last year. An inspector cited the New Bern, N.C., entrepreneur and dog lover for having a rusty pooper scooper. It frustrated Spangler, who spent countless hours maintaining the metal scoopers and hundreds of dollars replacing them year after year. Director of Making Kevin Galloway and his students could help – and did. On March 14, they unveiled the scooper of the future, which they’re seeking to patent and commercialize for dog shelters, boarding businesses and families that just have a lot of dogs. Read the full story.

How to Make (Almost) Anything
ME 3890: How to Make (Almost) Anything is an official DIVE course taught by Professor Kevin Galloway. This hands-on course provides an introduction to computer-aided design (CAD), rapid prototyping methods, and electronics and applies these skills toward a human-centered design project. Learn more about the course and the projects students completed during Fall 2019 and Fall 2018.

Kyle Ward
Inspired by the DIVE course, How to Make (Almost) Anything with Prof. Kevin Galloway, Ward utilized human-centered design principles to engineer ergonomic improvements to the manufacturing line at Nissan. He interviewed manufacturing line technicians, sketched ideas, and fabricated several iterations of his prototype. Read Kyle's full story.

The History of Fashion
Professor Alexandra Sargent Capps brings her passion for examining ideas that drive fashion to her students in Theatre 2781: The History of Fashion. A study of men’s and women’s fashion through the ages, the class focus includes how fashion trends serve as a barometer for interpreting past to present social norms and evolution. In partnership with Prof. Kevin Galloway and Nashville’s own Parthenon, the Spring 2018 class explored the questions 1) What is classicism? 2) What is classicism relative to fashion? Learn more about the course and student projects.