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Scalar Resources

Select Scalar Resources for 2019 DH Boot Camp

Mary Anne Caton, Vanderbilt University Libraries

Final project for the USC’s School of Architecture’s 2018 course The History of Modern Architecture in Southern California.

This is a 2017 Art Bulletin review of 2011 exhibition catalog with expanded text.

Vanderbilt University Buchanan Library Fellowship project followed by 2018 art history writing seminar based on Cass Gilbert collection of architectural drawings at Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery.

  • Grigar, Dene and Stuart Moulthrop. Pathfinders (2015).

A book documenting pre-web digital literature from 1986-199.  The introductory essay was later produced into “Traversals: A Method of Preservation for Born-Digital Texts” to be published in The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities, edited by Jentery Sayers.