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How-to Presentations

Check out this page for tips and lessons on how to work with DH tools from Vanderbilt faculty and staff. All content has been shared with the permission of the author.

Creating a Digital Exhibit with Omeka

Created as part of the Mellon Partners Project, this four-part video presentation walks you through the steps necessary to store archive quality photos of primary source materials and present those images on Omeka.

Talk: Mellon Partners Digitization Workflow

Credit: Dr. Daniel Genkins, 2019-2020 Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital and Public Humanities

*Please do not copy or cite material from this presentation without the author’s permission

For the rest of this series, please see

Personal Website Design

A personal website is a crucial piece of any academic’s toolbox today. These enable you to reach a broader audience, share material not found on your C.V., and demonstrate your digital skills. If you work in DH, consider building a site with HTML or Markdown on GitHub. To learn more, navigate to this PowerPoint presentation from the hyperlink below.

Image of a pc, tablet, and phone next to the talk title: "Academic Portfolio Websites: Why and How"

Talk: “Academic Portfolio Websites: Why and How”

Credit: Sarah Swanz, Librarian for Digital Media and Publishing

Creative Commons License Sarah Swanz

AcademicProfileSite.pdf (1)

Photo Digitization

Photo digitization basics handout

Stylolmetry with R

You don’t actually need advanced computational statistics packages like R to conduct stylometric analysis, but they make the work much easier and enable analysis of extremely large text corpora.  Stylometry offers a relatively intuitive way of understanding how statistical modeling can be useful for textual analysis.

Using R for Stylometry analysis