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April 17-19: Mellon Partners in Humanities Education Workshop on Haiti: The Need to Know and Preserve the Past

Posted by on Monday, April 8, 2019 in Events, News.

Mellon Partners for Humanities Education

Center for Digital Humanities Workshop on Haiti

Register for the event here:

When registering, please indicate if you plan to attend a special workshop on field digitization and International Standards for Digital Preservation with Professor David LaFevor.

Wednesday, April 17th

Noon               Circum-Atlantic Studies Seminar’s lunchtime presentation in Buttrick 123

Julia Gaffield, Georgia State University, “‘Je suis Chrétien, Chrétien, moi!’: Emperor Faustin I of Haiti and Abbé Moussa, Africain, and the Fight for a National Church”


Thursday, April 18th

8:30                 Coffee

9:00                 Welcoming Remarks and Introductions: Dean Bonnie J. Dow and Associate Director of the Center for Digital Humanities Mickey Casad, Vanderbilt University

9:30                 Jane Landers, Vanderbilt University, “Before Toussaint: Slave Rebels and Black Auxiliaries in Española”

10:00               Miriam Erickson, Vanderbilt University, “The Diaspora of Spain’s Black Auxiliary Troops”

10:30               Jessica Fletcher, Vanderbilt University, “False and Pretended Masters:” Freedom Lawsuits, Jurisdictional Legal Conflict, and the Haitian Diaspora to Cuba and the Antebellum US South”

11:00               Julia Gaffield, Georgia State University, “Haiti and the Atlantic World Website”,

Noon:              Lunch

1:30                 David LaFevor, University of Texas-Arlington, “Training Workshop on International Standards for Digital Preservation”

4:00               Haitian filmmaker, Wilna Julmiste Taylor, Vanderbilt University, presents her film, “Lumière douce, Lumière brilliant,” with Q&A to follow


Friday, April 19th

8:30                Coffee

9:00                 Charlton (Chaz) Yingling, University of Louisville, “Dominicans and Haiti in the Age of Revolutions”

9:30                 Charlton (Chaz) Yingling, University of Louisville and Angela Sutton, Vanderbilt University, “Mapping Desire and Race onto Early Modern Caribbean Space”

10:00              Frank Robinson, Vanderbilt University, “Historic and Modern Racism in Haiti”

10:30               Paula Covington, Vanderbilt University, Review of VU Library Holdings and Websites on Haiti

Noon               Lunch

1:00                 DeLisa Harris, Fisk University and Nathan Dize, Vanderbilt University, “The Haitian Papers Project at Fisk University

2:00                 David LaFevor, University of Texas-Arlington, “Training Workshop on International Standards for Digital Preservation”

4:00                 Closing reception