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2016-17 Working Groups Category

Drop-In Consultation Hours, 2-4 pm Thursdays

Feb. 7, 2017—Working with Data | Mapping | Text Analysis | Social Media Scholarship | Multimodal Publishing | Assessment of Digital Projects | Technology A-Team Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 pm Whether you’re a seasoned DHer with a specific problem to troubleshoot, or a neophyte hoping to learn more about digital tools and methods relevant...

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Digital Humanities Writing Group

Oct. 13, 2016—Meets Alternate Mondays, 11 am – noon in the Digital Humanities Center, 344 Buttrick Hall The Digital Humanities Writing Group is comprised of graduate students and faculty in the humanities who are working on writing projects related to their digital scholarship, whether the goal is publication in a discipline-specific venue or one that focuses primarily on...

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Digital Dissertations Initiative

Oct. 13, 2016—Meets Alternate Thursdays, 1-2 pm, in the Digital Humanities Center, 344 Buttrick Hall. As research and communication practices associated with digital humanities gain acceptance within the academy, an increasing number of graduate students express interest in creating multimodal chapters or companions to their “traditional” humanities dissertations. This working group will investigate experiments with multimodal dissertations...

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Sustainability and Digital Humanities

Oct. 12, 2016—Meets Alternate Tuesdays, 4-5 pm in the Digital Humanities Center, 344 Buttrick Hall The intersections of ecological humanities and digital humanities have drawn increasing scholarly attention in recent years, as demonstrated by the bevy of articles in the March 2016 PMLA appearing under the rubric Assembling the Ecological Digital Humanities. In this working group, we...

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Debates in the Digital Humanities Reading Group

Oct. 12, 2016—Meets Alternate Fridays, 1-2 pm in the Digital Humanities Center, 344 Buttrick Hall In this group we will read and discuss selected chapters from Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016, in order to engage current questions in digital humanities, including (but not limited to) its scope and its relation to academic disciplines. Our initial meeting...

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