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Digital Humanities Bootcamp 2019: Schedule of Workshops and Discussions

Posted by on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in DH Center Blog.

Digital Humanities Bootcamp

August 12-13, 2019

Draft Schedule of Workshops and Discussions

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Day One

8:30 am         Breakfast

9:00 am         Introduction: What is Digital Humanities?

9:30 am         Assessment and review of digital humanities projects

10:45 am       Break

11:00 am       Digital archives, computational analysis, and public humanities:

A Case Study of Freedom on the Move: A Database of Fugitives from North American Slavery

12:00 pm       Lunch

1:00 pm         Working with Data in humanities research:

challenges, methods, and possibilities

2:15 pm         Break

2:30 pm         Spatial Humanities and mapping:

challenges, methods, and possibilities

3:15 pm         Break

3:30 pm         Open research, open publishing, and the academy

4:30 pm         Lightning talks and discussion

5:00 pm         Happy hour


Day Two

8:30 am         Breakfast

9:00 am         Digital Humanities project planning

10:15 pm       Break

10:30 am       Breakout workshops:

–Scalar: multimedia, multilinear texts

–Omeka: digital collections and exhibits

–TEI (Text Encoding Initiative): creating digital critical editions

12:00 pm       Lunch

1:00 pm         Overview of afternoon sessions

1:15 pm         Breakout workshops:

–GIS: maps and spatial analyses

–Network analysis: visualizing relationships

–Computational text analysis: “data mining” in book and document collections

2:45 pm         Break

3:00 pm         Wrap-up conversation; Cool Tools and Projects gallery; closing reception


Note: There were two Bootcamps offered in 2019: April 25-26 and August 12-13, 2019. Both covered the same material, and both took place on the Vanderbilt University campus.