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Mellon Partners digital workshop at Tougaloo

Resources for Mellon Partners Digital Workshop: Transformational Learning and Digital Humanities

Session One: Digital Approaches to Humanities Scholarship and Pedagogy

Slides for session available here:


Trans-Atlantic slave trade voyages:

See also:  Raw Graphs:




British Museum Sketchfab, Egyptian Boat:

Follow link to Egyptian Boat

See also:  Qlone:



Ben Schmidt in The Atlantic on state of the union addresses:

See also: Voyant:



Session Two: Transformative Learning through Digital Curation and Online Exhibits


Restoring Old Havana:

See also: ArcGIS online:

See also:  QGIS:


Colored Conventions Project:

See also: Omeka:

Please share your email address with me here to take part in an Omeka workshop: