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Resources for Digital Humanities Bootcamp


1. Shelley-Godwin Archive:

2. Pathfinders:

3. Trans-Atlantic slave trade voyages:

4. Claire Potter blog:


A. Ben Schmidt in The Atlantic on state of the union addresses:

B. The Colored Conventions Project:

C. Mnemosyne: Meanderings through Aby Warburg’s Atlas:

Who Speaks for the Negro?

Media Artworks:

Tim Sherratt, The Real Face of White Australia:

Brooke Singer, Toxic Sites:

Sharon Daniel, Public Secrets:

Assessment Resources

Miriam Posner “How did They Make that?”:

Professional guidelines for evaluation of digital projects:

Open Access / Open Publishing Resources:

Disciplinary repository list accepting deposits regardless of institution.

Digital repository providing open access to scholarly research at Vanderbilt University. Faculty, students and staff at Vanderbilt may contribute materials.

Provides information about publishers’ copyright and archiving policies

Used to negotiate terms of copyright post-acceptance.

Explanation of Altmetrics

Personal unique identifier removing name ambiguity

Open-source Altmetrics profile software

Other Resources:


Reclaim Hosting:


Voyant tools:



Mac Terminal cheatsheet:

Windows Command Line cheatsheet:



Cliff Anderson, Vanderbilt University Library: clifford.anderson@Vanderbilt.Edu

Derek Bruff, Center for Teaching: derek.bruff@Vanderbilt.Edu

James Byrd, Graduate Department of Religion:

Mickey Casad, Center for Digital Humanities:

Mary Anne Caton, Vanderbilt University Library:

Brad Daugherty, Center for Digital Humanities: bradley.j.daugherty@Vanderbilt.Edu

Ted Dawson, German Studies: edward.dawson@Vanderbilt.Edu

Lindsey Fox, Vanderbilt University Library:

Mona Frederick, Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities: mona.frederick@Vanderbilt.Edu

Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati, Vanderbilt University Library:

Lutz Koepnick, German Studies and CMAP:

Zoe LeBlanc, History: zoe.leblanc@Vanderbilt.Edu

Gayathri Narasimham, Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning: gayathri.narasimham@Vanderbilt.Edu

Ifeoma Nwankwo, Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships: i.nwankwo@Vanderbilt.Edu

Dale Poulter, Vanderbilt University Library: dale.poulter@Vanderbilt.Edu

Derek Price, German Studies:

Lynn Ramey, French and Italian Studies:

Kyle Romero, History:

Ramona Romero, Vanderbilt University Library: ramona.romero@Vanderbilt.Edu

Elizabeth Shook, Vanderbilt University Library:

Bobby Smiley, Vanderbilt University Library:L

Angela Sutton, Center for Digital Humanities: angela.c.sutton@Vanderbilt.Edu

Terrell Taylor, English:

Steve Wernke, Anthropology: s.wernke@Vanderbilt.Edu