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Strong, Smart and Nice

Posted by on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Civility: And Justice for Whom?, Events.

Friday, September 25
Branscomb Rec. Room, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Workshop – Dr. Pier Forni
lunch provided

Restricted to Vanderbilt students, faculty & staff

Dr. Forni presented in a more interactive way the fundamental information conveyed in his lecture.

This workshop was geared toward the dynamics of workplace and campus interaction. Dr. Forni believes that quality of service depends on the quality of life of those providing the service, and that a civil workplace improves the quality of life of its workers. Crucial questions are: How do you respond to incivility in the workplace? How do you minimize the opportunities for incivility to happen in the first place? Whan can organizations do? Being civil is a necessary part of the cognitive and emotional kit of today’s successful professional. Relational competence is of the essence for leaders in the age of management by consensus and in our increasingly diverse workplace.

Dr. Forni sees our daily existence as defined by the encounter of Self and Other. The presence of others around us shapes our identities, gives us meaning and purpose, and determines—for better or worse–the quality of our lives. If life is indeed relational, it follows logically that to thrive we need relational skills. What these skills are, what they can do for you, and how to put them to use was the intent of this workshop.