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Student Organizations Tech Request

Registered Student Organizations at Vanderbilt may operate listservs, shared mailboxes, and Vanderbilt-hosted websites. There are no charges for these services, but organizations must be registered and be represented at Student Organization orientation each academic year in order to have access to services.

If you are requesting new listservs, shared mailboxes or a website, please use the appropriate web form:

Request a new listserv

Request a new shared mailbox

Request a new website

If you need to change administrators of existing listservs, shared mailboxes or a website, please use the appropriate web form:

Change a listserv

Change a shared mailbox

Change a website

Technical Support

The Dean of Students ITS has created online tutorials to help students use and maintain their organization’s listservs and mailboxes, as well as an extensive set of instructions and tutorials for assistance with web resources: