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Student Organizations Tech Request

The preferred communication tool for registered student organizations is Anchor Link messaging. Registered student organizations at Vanderbilt may use University resources for LISTSERVs, Shared Exchange Mailboxes (SEMs), and Vanderbilt-hosted websites, as long as University requirements are met for using the tools.

In the case of either a LISTSERV or an SEM, the organization must make a valid case explaining why Anchor Link messaging is inadequate for its needs. Before attempting to make such a case, the organization should review Anchor Link messaging instruction and tutorials.

There are no charges for these services, but organizations must be registered and must comply with student organization orientation and training requirements to have access to services.

If requesting LISTSERVs or SEMs, an organization will be asked to explain why Anchor Link messaging does not meet its needs.

For changes to an existing LISTSERV, complete this online form.

For changes to an existing Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM) complete this online form.

For website assistance, complete this online form. 

Technical Support

Logins for LISTSERVs, SEMs, studentorg websites, and Email Creator:

  • Office 365 for SEMs:[boxname] (for mailboxes that have migrated to the new Office 365)
  • Website at studentorg[orgsitename]
  • Email Creator (for umbrella organizations with Email Creator accounts)

These online tutorials are dated, but still useful in helping students use and maintain their organization’s LISTSERVs and mailboxes.  There is an extensive set of instructions and tutorials for assistance with web resources:

For other assistance, write to Dean of Students Communications.