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Manage Your WordPress Website

Access to your Administration<yourwebsite>/wp-admin/
Username: <your vu email address>
Password: <provided admin password>*

*We highly recommend you changing this password to something you can remember.

Online WordPress Tutorials

Site Administration

Homepage Slider Settings

  • Include slideshow on homepage – Any post or page with a tag “featured” will be put in the slideshow. The image that will be used is the FEATURED IMAGE that you choose in the right column.
  • For the caption – it automatically pulls the title of the page or post. If you would rather use customized text, simply add a customfield “featuretext” with the text you would like to use (being mindful of the length available for display).

Right Column News Feed

  • Include news feed in the right column?
  • External news feed – if you’d rather use an external news feed instead of the POSTS section of your website, place the feed URL here (beginning with http:// and NOT feed://)
  • If you do have a news section in your WordPress site – the theme is thumbnail enabled. Currently – the thumbnails only display on the archives page.

Social Media Links

  • The social media section in the extended footer.
  • Connect Section Title – what you would like the header of that section to be.
  • Facebook – URL to your facebook page
  • Twitter – URL to your twitter account
  • Flickr – URL to your flickr account
  • Flickr UserID – your flickr userid (NOT YOUR LOGIN); go to this website to find your flickr id:
  • YouTube – URL to your youtube account


  • Footer Link List Heading – currently YOUR VANDERBILT
  • Link List Column One – formatted as unordered list; input as many li’s with links as you would like in the left column
  • Link List Column Two – formatted as unordered list; input as many li’s with links as you would like in the right column
  • Footer copyright text – this will display next to the Vanderbilt University copyright notice.
  • Google Analytics Code – put your google analytics code here – it will be placed right above the closing body tag.

Shortcodes available

    • – placing this shortcode on a page will automatically list all of the subpages of the current page.
    • – this short code allows you to post code that won’t be altered. Useful for iframes, inline javascripts, etc.
      • You create a customfield — name it googlecal or vimeo or sitemason (whatever you want).
      • Paste the html/php/js code you are wanting to use in as the value.
      • Click “add custom field”
      • Go back up to the post – where you want the code to be – and put the shortcode in: or .
    • – showposts allows you to provide a listing of posts on a post or a page; you can display posts from a specific category or tag – and decide how many posts you want to display – and in what order they should display (default displays by date, in ascending order). (examples below)