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Housing and Residential Experience Graduate Program Coordinator

Department:Office of Housing & Residential Experience, Dean of Students

Primary Contact: Traci Ray

Position Summary:

The Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) is a paraprofessional/graduate student worker for the Office of Housing and Residential Experience (OHARE) within the Dean of Students division at Vanderbilt University.  They report to an Assistant Director and work closely with the Area Coordinators and Director to foster an environment that supports the development, mission, and operation of OHARE and the Living Learning Communities (LLCs).  The GPC develops and maintains relationships with Residential Faculty, Faculty Advisors, Residential College staff, and key Dean of Students partners.

Experience in evaluation and assessment, program planning, and mentorship of students and student leaders is preferred.  Dedication, creativity, flexibility, positivity, initiative, and independence are highly desired attributes.  Persons successful in this position will also gain practical experience in community development, database management, organizational advisement, project management, and public speaking and presenting.

Time Commitment:

The position begins in August of each academic year and lasts for nine months.  Continuation of the assistantship will depend upon the satisfactory performance of your assigned duties and progress toward your degree.  You will work up to 15 hours per week excluding university breaks and holidays.  This work will include weekly office hours, departmental /committee meetings, supervisor one on ones, LLC-specific meetings, as well as programming on evenings and weekends.  The GPC is also required to attend relevant training sessions prior to the halls opening in August.  Additionally, the GPC is required to submit requests for any additional employment to their supervisor for approval before acceptance.  Requests may include practicums and other jobs on and off-campus.  The purpose of this expectation is to avoid over-working any student.

About the Work Unit:

The Office of Housing and Residential Experience provides safe, secure, comfortable, accessible, and healthy housing for its residents.  Programming for residents builds engaged communities in which students’ social needs for belonging, friendship, recognition, respect and dignity are met.  These communities foster learning, personal development, academic achievement, and successful transitions for both new students and graduates.

About the Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students serves a central role in student learning and development at Vanderbilt, advancing the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service by fostering academic and social networks through which students develop as intentional learners and global citizens.  The Office of the Dean of Students creates opportunities to involve students, faculty, and staff in diverse learning communities and provides a critical support structure for enriching the overall student experience.  We achieve these ends through strategic alignment, both internally and in concert with other university departments.  We care deeply.  We educate completely.  We lead with excellence.  Diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health are top priorities for the institution and by extension the offices of the Dean of Students.  Our staff is committed to continued growth in knowledge, awareness, skills, and experience engaging with these priorities in a higher education environment.

Key Functions and Expected Performance:


  • Serve on LLC related committees and engage in the growth of all LLCs, including the Mayfield Experience and the McGill Project; attend monthly departmental and area meetings as directed by the supervisor.
  • Work with the supervisor to manage the McGill programming budget, tracking expenses and report updates.
  • Coordinate recruitment, interview process, and placement of accepted members with the Area Coordinator and Assistant Director.
  • Serve as co-advisor for the Leadership Councils of their area, offering development for student leaders.
  • Prepare the annual End of Year report and submit it to the supervisor.
  • Participate in professional and graduate staff interviews when possible.
  • Plan opening weekend events for your LLC participants the weekend before classes beginning.
  • Collaborate with residential faculty/faculty advisors, campus partners, as well as professional and RA staff to implement new initiatives.
  • Develop yearly assessment plan utilizing data from the LLC pre- and post-assessment; utilize a campus wide assessment database.
  • Assist in the recruitment, hiring, and training of new graduate staff members.
  • Participate in division-wide events as needed (Move-In Day, Rites of Spring, Diverse ‘Dores Day, MLK Day, etc.) to support colleagues and ensure these events run smoothly.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to support colleagues across the division to encourage the implementation or fulfillment of divisional goals and strategic priorities; other duties as assigned.

Mayfield Experience Specific Responsibilities (No Openings)

  • Coordinate Spring Mayfield Orientation and Fall Training for participants.
  • Coordinator the Annual Fall Showcase featuring the progress of all projects through posters and/or other presentation formats; host an informational directly afterwards for interested students.
  • Facilitate the projects’ monthly progress reporting and meetings; create method by which to share information with OHARE leadership.
  • Co-advise Mayfield Council by attending council meetings and executive board training/meetings; provide guidance, report updates and solicit feedback from council members.

McGill Project Specific Responsibilities (1 Opening)

  • Coordinate the hallmark McGill Hours Dialogue Series inviting faculty, staff, community partners, and other presenters to explore contemporary and provocative issues (10/semester; residents required to attend 25%).
  • Organize McGill’s Annual Project Showcase before the LLC application deadline by coordinating catering, reservations, and student contributions.
  • Liaison with the Philosophy Department; assist in the development of the Spring Seminar course.
  • Co-advise McGill Council by attending council and executive board meetings, providing guidance, reporting updates, and soliciting feedback from council members; help plan leadership training for student leaders.

Supervisory Relationships:

This position reports administratively and functionally to an Assistant Director for Residential Experience.

Education and Certifications:

  • Full-time enrollment in a graduate degree program at Vanderbilt University upon the start of the position is required.
  • Doctoral students should seek permission from their program before applying.

Experience and Skills:

  • Ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with other is necessary.
  • High level of attention to detail is necessary.
  • Experience working with college student programming initiatives is necessary.
  • Ability to interact positively with a diverse student population, graduate staff members, professional staff members, and faculty members is necessary.
  • Comfortable taking the initiative on projects is necessary.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are strongly preferred.
  • Leading and facilitating group discussions, training, and meetings are strongly preferred.
  • Experience in evaluation and assessment, program planning, and mentorship of students and student leaders is strongly preferred.
  • Dedication, creativity, flexibility, positivity, initiative, and independence are strongly preferred.


  • The GPC is paid as a graduate student worker and will receive $12 an hour for up to 15 hours per week.

NOTE:  It is required that you apply for financial aid and request that any available work-study funding be used towards these positions.