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How to Submit an Event

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Students and staff are encouraged to submit events for the Dean of Students Calendar. This screen has instructions about how to get your event on the Dean of Students Calendar – and subcalendars.

There is one master Dean of Students Calendar, but there are also many Dean of Students subcalendars. For example, there are subcalendars for Student Organizations, Housing, and Leadership Development Programs.

When you submit an event, it is automatically placed in the main Dean of Students Calendar. It is also placed on the main Vanderbilt University Calendar, under the category of Students. But, if you wish, you can also choose to display your event on one (or more) of the many subcalendars.

To display your event on a subcalendar, you’ll enter specific tags on the Dean of Students Calendar Submission Form. A listing of subcalendar names – and tags associated with each subcalendar – is on the Calendar Tags screen.

Instructions for submitting an event are detailed below.

1. Decide on which subcalendar(s) you’d like your event to appear. We have a listing of calendars on the Calendar Tags screen. While you’re on the Calendar Tags screen, make a note of the tags you’ll be using.

2. Go to the Dean of Students Event Submission Form ( The screenshot, below, gives an example of how to fill out the form.

submit screenshot

3. For the Tags section of the form, enter your tags exactly as they are on the Calendar Tags screen. Put a comma between each tag.

4. Once you’ve completed your entry, click on the Submit button.

5. Your entry will appear on the Dean of Students Calendar, as well as on any other calendars you selected (based on the tags you entered).

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