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At the Data Science Institute we focus on establishing new connections and strengthening existing ones. We welcome collaborations with industry, government, and non-profit entities who are active or looking to make a break through in the data science space.

“Ignite your data science knowledge with exceptional student talent, skilled data scientists, and a rich academic community.”

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About Our Program

Our students develop a strong foundation in statistical fundamentals, resampling techniques for model and algorithmic evaluation, and data management systems. They work with a variety of data sources and data set sizes.

With a blended curriculum in computation, data analysis, and practical application, Vanderbilt graduates are technically sound, ethically aware team players.

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Recognizing Distinct Needs. Tailoring Unique Solutions.

Whether you’re looking to easily post a job for a broad audience or connect on a more personal level, the Data Science Institute is here to tailor a solution that works for you.



Want to get involved on-campus with our students, become a sponsor, fund scholarships? Let’s connect to review options and what a long-term partnership looks like with the Data Science Institute.


Recruit Our Students

Whether you have an in-school internship opportunity, a robust data science summer internship pipeline, or have one full-time role to fill, we encourage you to connect with the Employer Relations & Recruiting Team. The team can share more about the different recruiting touch points (info sessions, coffee chats, etc.) available to campus employer partners as well as provide access to the data science career system that serves as the students’ first stop when searching for opportunities.

Leverage Data Science Expertise

At the Data Science Institute we’re focused on educating a broad audience through the promotion of data-driven research and quantitative collaboration.

Have a question? Need a solution? Let our Data Science Team take the lead. Learn more about the work they do, and how connecting with them could help further your organizational goals.


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We offer regular trainings, workshops and intensives to empower people to use data science tools and expand the scope of data science.

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Amanda Harding

Jesse Blocher
Director of External Partnerships

Working with you to meet your needs.

Many companies turn to Vanderbilt as a pipeline for recruiting new talent. Others, from startups to the Fortune 500, also think of us as a partner for developing and retaining top performers.

In addition, organizations benefit greatly from tapping into the expertise of DSI faculty and engaging with DSI students in a variety of beneficial ways. The Employer Relations & Recruiting Team advises companies on the best channels to connect with Vanderbilt DSI talent and is committed to cultivating connections between employers and the Vanderbilt DSI community. If you would like to learn more about ways to recruit and partner with DSI, let’s connect soon.