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Language and Educational Analytics Research (LEAR) Lab Looking to Hire DS MS Students

Posted by on Monday, October 24, 2022 in Newsletter, Peabody College.

The Language and Educational Analytics Research (LEAR) Lab is looking to hire DS MS students to provide support for Vanderbilt’s Learning Engineering Virtual Institute Community Hub. The hub focuses on helping engineering teams from around the world developing cutting edge technologies to increase math learning in K-12 educational settings. The hub is specifically designed to provide consulting on natural language processing (NLP) problems and solutions. Work within the hub would include:

  • Helping interested groups in academia and industry develop educational tools to increase math performance
  • Develop new NLP approaches to address inequities in math learning
  • Assist partners in framing and communicating NLP research

A background in NLP is needed and experience working with transformer models is preferred. Compensation will range from $20-$40 an hour depending on experience.

Please contact Scott Crossley at

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