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Committee Structures

Committee Structure

Process & Institutional Priorities (PIP)

Vanderbilt senior leadership team responsible for setting the overall prioritization for institutional business process redesign projects; communicating process transformation priorities across the institution; ensuring project resources are available and adequate to meet established time lines; bringing clarity whenever necessary to project, process and data work; approving data governance policy; appointing members of the institutional data governance committees.


Institutional Data Governance Committee (IDG)

The Institutional Data Governance (IDG) committee is the body responsible for developing and submitting to PIP for approval policies on data access, data usage, data integrity and integration, and data security, proposing prioritization of business intelligence work; ensuring that work plans are established and met; and, reporting up to the PIP on project status and seeking input on projects that have broad institutional implications related to business intelligence and data. View the IDG Committee members

Data Standards & Reporting Committee

The Data Standards & Reporting committee is a sub-committee to the IDG committee .  This committee carries out policies set by the IDG committee, addresses data quality and integrity, and sets forth data standardization and standard reporting practices into the institutional reporting environments.


Data Architecture Committee

The Data A rchitecture sub-committee designs the technology architecture to support the reporting needs specified by the IDG and Data Standards & Reporting committees .  The work of this committee is a collaborative effort between the three committees.  The Data Architecture committee is responsible for maintaining technology product road-maps (software & hardware) necessary to support the current and future state reporting requirements.