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Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Night Blue

Posted by on Monday, March 13, 2017 in .

The Curb Scholars returned from spring break excited to continue working on their Evolving Doors project. With five of the six doors primed, the gang spread out on the floor of the workshop space and rolled up their sleeves, ready to paint. Treena and Griffin painted the backs of their doors a light and bright yellow. Riley mixed a combination of green, white, and blue to arrive at a sharp mint green for his fridge door. With Treena’s help, he meticulously painted around the door’s “Blizzidaire” letters. Beside them, Sophia painted her door a beautiful and textured midnight color. Across the room, Griffin primed Spencer’s library door. Meanwhile, Ben worked on measuring the doors’ heights and widths for their frames, which will need to be built. He and Elizabeth brainstormed ways to find (what) materials, and whom to partner with, in order to make the frames.

The Curb Scholars also touched base on their Ribbons on the Bridge project, which they developed the week before spring break in hopes of implementing the event the week before finals. The Ribbons project involves materials such as spools of ribbon, scissors, and pens chained to the bridge, along with the displayed prompt “What Made You Smile This Week?” Passing students can write down their answers on the ribbon, then tie the ribbons to the Vander-Bridge. The Curb Scholars developed this idea hoping to give students perspective, community, and a fun and uplifting outlet during a normally stressful week. The group also decided to reach out to the Center for Student Wellbeing in partnership, seeking social media support and ribbon-writers during the event. Sawyer volunteered to take the lead on this particular partnership. Riley, too, volunteered to write up a supply list for Elizabeth. A point-person is pending for this Curb Scholars project.

The Curb Scholars listened to Griffin’s new cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” while discussing various workshops they are hoping to teach during future meetings. Riley is interested in teaching an Improv course. Griffin would like to teach Sound Engineering on the Curb Center’s music equipment. In the next few weeks, they will choose dates and names for their workshops, and will let the other Curb Scholars know so everyone can begin promoting the events.

Griffin was note-taker for this meeting.