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Looking Ahead

Posted by on Monday, March 20, 2017 in .

On the first day of Spring, the Curb Scholars gathered in the workshop space to plan the last four meetings of the semester. Before brainstorming, however, the Curb Scholars first introduced themselves to the Curb Center’s new Program Manager, Mindy Kessler. Each Scholar introduced herself or himself by telling Mindy about her or his “Curb-y” interests and the concept (and location) of her or his door for the Evolving Doors project. Mindy Kessler then introduced herself to the group—she has a decade of experience at Vanderbilt University working with the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, in addition to a background in drama with the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York.

There are four Curb Scholars sessions remaining this semester. After discussing dates and potential directions the Scholars could go with each meeting, Griffin set the date for his Sound Engineering workshop—April 3rd, at 4:30pm. His workshop will be open to others on campus, in addition to the Curb Scholars. Riley, on the other hand, is still checking on his availability to teach an improv class. Elizabeth plans to bring an illustrator to one Monday meeting in order to lead the Scholars through a drawing-as-mindfulness session. The Curb Scholar end-of-year party is scheduled for April 24th, the final meeting of the year.

The Scholars’ planning session morphed into a conversation about next year’s opening retreat. Below is a list of potential ideas the Scholars came up with:

  • Improv class with Tongue & Cheek
  • Design and create a themed board game
  • Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Ryman Auditorium
  • Visit Hatch Show Print
  • Hike & Write Reboot
  • Escape Room
  • Storytelling or Songwriting workshop
  • Collaborative training session
  • Implementation of lessons learned in above collaborative training session by cooking a meal for twelve people on a $20 budget

In the coming week, the Curb Scholars will continue to share ideas about the opening retreat.

Next, Riley reported on the Ribbons on Bridge project. The group decided they wanted four different colors of ribbon, rather than only gold. Riley sent the list of materials to Elizabeth, then volunteered to be point-person for the project. Elizabeth will send out a call for a second point-person to assist Riley.

The meeting concluded with the continued painting of the doors for the Curb Scholars’ Evolving Doors project, which will be displayed during the fall semester.