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First Meeting of the Fall 2019 Semester

Posted by on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 in .

At the Curb Center, we believe in the efficacy of ice breakers. So to kick off first Monday meeting of the Fall 2019 semester, the scholars began the session with a modified version of musical chairs. They were challenged to find any way to be off of the carpet before the music stopped. We saw such innovative maneuvers as perching on the bases of tables, clinging to the sides of white boards, and spreading out denim jackets as impromptu life rafts. After winnowing the group to the last man, the scholars circled up and shared about their respective weekends, and Monday workloads.

The scholars were then led in a review of the new program criteria by assistant director Wilna Taylor. The discussion was supplemented by input from Kimberly Kane, and Christine Claffey, who clarified and expounded on the details of the Curb Scholarships new parameters. After the discussion, Creative Writing Fellow, Joshua Moore, led the scholars in revisiting their writing prompt form the Curb Scholar Retreat. They detailed what information they’d found thus far about the places each of them chose to write about, and shared what broadened perspectives they’d acquired with their peers. The night concluded with the distribution of what we hope will become a tradition – the annual Curb Scholar T-shirt. The 2019-2020 version was designed by Curb Scholar Jacob Schroeder and pays homage to the Curb Center architecture. These new Curb Center shirts are a scholar wardrobe addition that’s sure to appear at scholar outings throughout the year.