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Embodied Poetry with Stephanie Pruitt

Posted by on Monday, November 6, 2017 in .

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What does a poem taste like?  What does it smell like?  How does it feel?  How do you embody a poem?

Last week, the Scholars took a trip to the Wond’ry, where they attempted to answer these very questions with the help of Nashville poet, Stephanie Pruitt.  With one of Pruitt’s poems in hand, they were charged with interpreting it through the different senses.  At tables with an array of materials, from feathers and Play-do to deli meat and Vic’s Vapor Rub, the Scholars recast the poem as sculptures, perfumes, sandwiches.

Afterward, the group regathered to discuss how this kind of event could be implemented on a larger scale, using local artists to interpret the poem in different ways (something Pruitt has done in the past).  The Scholars anticipated difficulties, strategized solutions, and came up with a plan to make such an event a success.