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Carlton Turner, January 2016

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“Living at the Nexus of Arts, Culture, and Social Justice”

Carlton Turner
Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS
Event date: January 13, 2016

Carlton is the Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS, a regional non-profit arts organization based in the South. Throughout Carlton’s career he has worked as a lead convener with Voices from the Cultural Battlefront: Organizing for Cultural Equity, an ongoing 20+ year international conversation about the role of art and culture in the struggle for human rights; a panelist and facilitator with the Center for Civic Participation Arts & Democracy Project helping to present conversations in more than six cities; as an arts educator with the My Mississippi Eyes (MME) program for student empowerment at Lanier High School in Jackson, MS; a lead organizer for the United States Social Forum, both in Atlanta, GA (2007) and Detroit, MI (2010); and has served on the executive board of the Network of Ensemble Theaters (2003 – 2008).

In 2009 Carlton visited the White House twice to meet with members of President Obama’s administration on issues of Cultural Policy. Carlton is also a co-founder of the State of the Nation Art & Performance Festival, which was produced five times in six years and presented more than 500 artists. Read more about Carlton.

Click here to watch the video of Carlton’s presentation.