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The Curb Scholars First Annual Cornhole Tournament

Posted by on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 in .

At The Curb Center we also believe in “work hard play hard.” As part of the Curb Scholars weekly activities we’ve built in time for food, fellowship, and a little friendly competition. This week saw the scholars facing off in a no-holds-barred Cornhole tournament. Scholars paired off in teams of two and let the throwing bags fly, fueled by Donato’s Pizza, until the final bracket, a face-off between team Chris & Brett versus the undefeated duo of Brent & Clay. The game was close, twice reaching a dead heat at 14-all, but with a practiced flick of the wrist, Clay brought the contest to a close, snagging the final point and the champion crown for him and Brent. Cheers to coordinator Christine Claffey, who proposed the tournament after the spotting the scholars in a spirited cornhole back-and-forth during their August retreat.  Clay & Brent shouldn’t rest easy – the boards will be customized by the scholars and will be used throughout the year to challenge the current winning duo.