Policy briefs, background papers and site visit reports provide support for face-to-face meetings of Congressional and agency staff, arts industry leaders, scholars, and cultural policy experts.


Repaving the Creative City: Interview with Jennifer Cole, Executive Director of Metro Nashville Arts Commission, 2014.
Assembling Nashville: Creative Anchors and Art District Sustainability. A Special Report for the Curb Center. Samuel Shaw, 2014.
America’s Image Abroad: The UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention and US Motion Picture Exports. Curb Center White Paper.
Cultural Diplomacy and the National Interest: In Search of a 21st Century Perspective. Curb Center White Paper.
Radio Deregulation and Consolidation: What is in the Public Interest? Curb Center White Paper.
The Music Industry in Flux: Reconsidering the Performance Right. Curb Center White Paper.


Tepper at 15th Annual Westaf Cultural Policy Forum, 4 Mar 2014

“How Fair Use Got its Groove Back” UTNE Reader 20 August 2008
First Person with Bruce Lundvall
First Person with Mike Curb
First Person with Jonathan Levy
First Person with Steven Hetcher