Generative Conversations

Generative Conversations

Generative conversations bring together multiple perspectives around a common theme or question and add fresh insight through unlikely connections, juxtapositions, and, at times, improvisation.


Art, Enterprise, and Public Engagement Forums


Big Al Generative Art Exhibit and Multi-Disciplinary Conversation, 19 Apr 2011

The Curb Center celebrated the life and legacy of Allen “Big Al;” carter through guest performances, a fish fry, and community viewing of the exhibition.

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Culture and Creativity Workshops, 2007-2012

The Culture and Creativity Workshop is designed for the advance of scholarly research on research broadly related to the topics of culture or creativity. We also aim to encourage intellectual interchange with specialists outside one’s home discipline or subfield.

Workshop meetings showcase work-in-progress by Vanderbilt graduate students and faculty in a range of disciplines. This can include — but is not necessarily limited to — article drafts, book or dissertation chapters, proposal narratives, and MA theses. We encourage work in various stages of completion, but generally prior to the publication. The draft for each meeting will circulate at least one week in advance with the expectation that participants read it prior to meeting. Meetings are devoted to rigorous collegial engagement with the work aimed at helping the presenter develop the best possible project.

Most recent workshops have relied on a designated graduate student respondent to open discussion, highlight important findings, and orient the discussion. View previous workshop schedules (PDFs):