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Faculty Fellow in Arts Policy

Photo courtesy of Steve Green @ Vanderbilt

As part of our mission to advance research that will benefit policy-makers and cultural producers, the Curb Center invites proposals for research projects devoted to any aspect of arts policy or the role of creative expression in society. Projects should explore the challenges and/or opportunities in the arts or arts policy, including but not limited to music, copyright, graphic arts, film, artistic careers, the entertainment industry, distribution and access, digital media, racial or gender equity in the arts, creative place-making, non-profits, creativity and well-being, arts entrepreneurship, and arts education.

Fellows will receive a one-year award up to $5000, which is intended as seed money for new research or pilot studies, as well as to encourage investigators to add a policy dimension to existing studies.  Applications are sought on an annual basis, typically during the fall semester, with the following general guidelines:

  • All VU & VUMC faculty are eligible to apply, including lecturers, senior lecturers, non-tenure track, tenured-track, and tenured and faculty.
  • Funding period runs from October through June of any given academic year. Funds not used by the end of the award period are forfeited.
  • Funds can be used to hire research assistants, support qualitative and quantitative surveys and focus groups, or research supplies and small equipment. Travel to collect data or meet with off-site collaborators is also allowed; conference travel is not permitted.
  • Faculty salary coverage is not allowed.
  • Fellows must attend four Curb Center workshops with invited speakers.
  • A mid-year and final project report are required
  • Project must be completed as outlined in proposal timeline.
  • Faculty Fellows may apply for a one-year renewal of their Fellowship or propose new projects.