Curb News

August is always busy around Curb, with our newest Curb Scholars participating in the 2021 Curb Scholars Retreat.  Learn more about our newest group of scholars, and see what our current scholars were up to over the summer.

We welcome Mark Haslam, third year M.F.A. Fellow, who will serve as our 2017-2018 Curb Creative Writing Fellow.

Congratulations to 2014-2015 Curb Innovation Grant awardee and HASTC Scholar Gokul Krishnan on his NSF award for “EAGER: MAKER: Mobile Makerspaces for Children’s Hospital Patients: Exploring Impact on Patients’ Agency, Creative STEM Problem Solving and Physical Well-being”.

Read some of our 2016-2017 Curb Creative Writing Fellow Katie Foster’s work, including:

  • We Can Surely No Longer Pretend, The New Territory  Buy
  • Rehearsed, Booth Read 
  • Kathy to the Birds, Arcadia Press Buy

Image from Arcadia, featuring
Kathy to the Birds by Katie Foster.