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Curb News

Vanderbilt sociology doctoral students Rachel Zajdel, Darwin Baluran, and Meagan Rainock have been named Curb Center Researchers

The students are working with Professor Dan Cornfield and Professor Alexandre Frenette on a project analyzing how the characteristics and practices of over 500 local arts agencies (LAA) in the United States help or hinder the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mental Notes: Music Cognition Lab is dedicated to the scientific study of how music affects the brain and behavior

“We’re excited to get to study music scientifically to understand the mechanisms by which musical experiences may impact development, as well as to try to harness music through clinical or applied studies.”

Lanphier writes “Where No Lives Matter”

“In a state moving astonishingly fast at executing inmates who’ve spent decades on Death Row, the least controversial executions are, apparently, of white men.” Read more in Elizabeth Lanphier’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Review of books.

Lanphier writes Bill Lee’s pro-life message is contradicted by death penalty stance

Curb Public Scholar and the creator of the Curb Center’s Form of Reform Exhibit, Elizabeth Lanphier wrote about Tennessee’s complicated policies regarding life and death, capital punishment and abortion.

Moore Interviews Nashville’s Freedom Riders

WPLN interviews Versify Host and Curb Writing Fellow Joshua Moore on the upcoming season of Versify which documents the narratives of Nashville’s Freedom Riders.

Cornfield & Frenette Receive NEA Grant

Curb Senior Fellow Prof. Dan Cornfield & Associate Director of the Curb Center Prof. Alexandre Frenette awarded an NEA research grant to support study of diversity initiatives in arts agencies.

Lense featured on Music and the Mind Live

Dr. Miriam Lense of the Vanderbilt University Music Cognition Lab and Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy was featured on Music and Mind Live on the June 2nd episode, “At Home with Children: Musical Tool Kit.” Music and Mind Live is a new webinar hosted by renowned soprano and arts and health advocate Renée Fleming.

Lense featured on NEA Taking Note

Dr. Miriam Lense is featured on NEA’s blog Taking Note focusing on musical activities to support parent-child relationships. Lense provides a toolkit for activities to try at home.  

Frenette Co-Authors New SNAAP Report

SNAAP released a major new report, co-authored by Alexandre Frenette, associate director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy, finds that college boosts arts careers in surprising and important ways.

Taylor’s Film selected for International Festivals

Film “Lumiere douce, Lumiere brilliante” (Soft light, Brilliant light), written and produced by Wilna J. Taylor (Assistant Director of the Curb Center) and directed by Pearl Gluck has been selected to be included in the Miami Independent Film Festival and the Bayou Film Festival.