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Curb Scholar Blog: A Semester Begins

Posted by on Monday, September 15, 2014 in 2012-2015 AY, Curb Scholars.

This blog post was written by Grace Cowan.

Surprisingly the beginning of the semester has been very busy. During the opening retreat, my group created a project called “DUMBphone” to bring attention to the overuse of smartphones. During our Curb sessions, we presented our idea to the rest of the scholars and received their feedback. 

I’ve also been working on script coverage for an internship. It’s been a great experience in learning time management and getting experience with screenplays and the process of a production company.  I’m looking forward to getting involved with the Media Lab, and I can’t wait to start working on their projects.

At our last meeting, Elizabeth told us about the Millennial Trains Project. We, the scholars, are tasked with coming up with projects in the hopes that one of us will be on the train this year. The Millennial Trains Project brings together creative, entrepreneurial, and civic-minded Millennials from around the United States. The journey last ten days, and this year they are stopping in cities from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Along the way are stops with mentors and workshops, as long as participant-led projects. I’m really looking forward to learning about everyone’s ideas and finding out if one of us will be on the train this year.