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Austin Channell: Summer Internship at Evamere Entertainment in NYC

Since Memorial Day weekend, I have been interning with Evamere Entertainment, a film and theater production company in New York City.

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Rachel Anand: Creativity in Cleveland

This summer, I had the opportunity to work across many different fields.

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Ben Scheer: My Summer in Philly

Ben Scheer here! As a Curb Scholar who is studying Human & Organizational Development, Economics, and Computer Science, I have had the opportunity to live in work in Philadelphia this summer.

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“Summer for America” by Serena Deutch

One thing I love about this summer is that every day is different.

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Rose Thompson: Interning at Project Transformation

This is Day 43 of my experience interning with Project Transformation.

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Interning at Windy Films

“What makes a good film?” Trying to answer it for myself, I came up with this conclusion: It makes you feel human.

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Inside an Artist's Life in the Ryman Lofts

The creative energy is tangible within our building—you can touch it, grab it and take it home for a little burst of energy later.

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Curb Scholars Opening Retreat: Tuesday and Wednesday

It’s that time of year again, when students return to campus, and we all have to scramble to make sure we’re ready for them.

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