Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants

Creative Campus Innovation Grant Program

The Curb Center at Vanderbilt is pleased to offer its signature Creative Campus Innovation Grant Program, which provides Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to produce original ideas and harness their creativity as a force for positive social change.

More specifically, our innovation grants fund pilots and projects that—

  • support course and curricular innovations, especially those that integrate media, design, creative problem solving and expression with rigorous disciplinary training;
  • encourage people to challenge assumptions through serendipitous, out-of-the-ordinary encounters and experiences;
  • provoke conversations that bring together unexpected parties and inspire novel approaches to engaging ideas, debates, and problems;
  • illuminate extraordinary and everyday creative lives, highlighting the common creative process that threads through artistic, scientific, engineering, entrepreneurial, and design work;
  • foster creative problem solving and the capacity of faculty, staff, and students to imagine ideas and lead others in making innovations a reality; and
  • create a community of catalysts—faculty, staff, students, and Nashville community members who thrive on making the non-routine happen in their classrooms, research, and work.

2013-2014 Creative Campus Innovation Grantees

The following were chosen from proposals received from faculty, staff, and students, representing nearly all of the colleges and schools at Vanderbilt.

Immigration Deliberations
Shannon Daniel

Read more about the conversation here

Building Bridges: Vanderbilt TV Series
Ben Gutierrez

First episode available here!

VORTEX, Fantastic Creatures, and Tales
Mike Holland


Boom Box Bike Intervention
Mark Hosford

Read more about the project and how to participate.


Point/Line: An Interactive Installation
Depeng Jin


How to Build a Forest
Leah Lowe


Stair Steps
Adrienne Outlaw


21st Century Memory & Longing
Lorri Anne Parker-Danley

click here to see Lori Anne’s current project:  The Identity Sculptures Project

Modernist Visions of Progress
Vesna Pavlovic


The Kefi Project
Kion Sawney

Design Day
Ben Shapiro


David Weintraub


Past Innovation Grantees




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March 7, 2012