Ideafestival, Louisville, KY

Ideafestival, Louisville, KY

September 26-27, 2013

Every year, Louisville hosts a world-class event, a celebration for the intellectually curious, fittingly named Ideafestival.  Innovators and global thinkers from all over the world unite to attend, discuss, examine, and imagine both current and future creative ideas that the world is experiencing and producing.

Our Curb Scholars loaded onto a bus and made the trip to Louisville to take part in this amazing conference.  Although our trip was quick, it was packed full of creative energy, philosophy, and innovation.  The sessions were as diverse as abundant, and sessions covered a wide range of topics from literature, all the way to organic farming! Businessmen and women, doctors, artists, and musicians alike gathered to take part in this truly amazing and inspiring event.

Take a moment to look some of our pictures from the event, and, check out some images of our Curb Scholars that participated with DISCARDED and made it on to their website!

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September 26, 2013