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WHO project on cultural contexts of health and well-being adopted in the United States

WHO announces that its Cultural Contexts of Health and Well-being (CCH) project will be rolled out in the United States, being led by Dr. Ted Fischer at Vanderbilt University.



Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, World Health Organization bring global project to improve health care through social science to Vanderbilt

A $600,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will fund a three-year project with the World Health Organization to develop a new model for health care that incorporates the consideration of cultural attitudes and practices that affect health in the United States





Why COVID-19 is Deadlier for Males – Elemental

This piece discusses the factors that result in higher COVID-19 fatality rates for men. The CCH Team’s own Dr. Derek Griffith is quoted.





The culture of health and sickness – Le Monde diplomatique

Vulnerability assessments being conducted Uganda before and during the start of the pandemic may be the only reliable real-time information we have of how a community conceptualized and responded to the COVID-19 crisis. This has illustrated importance of assessing vulnerability prior to a disaster’s onset. Read the full article by Dr. David Napier and Dr. Ted Fischer.