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Re-Visioning Justice in America

The Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions (CTP) has a mission to elevate moral awareness—especially of those who work in the professions: medicine, nursing, education, engineering, law, religion and business management—and to invite professionals to work across disciplinary boundaries to address issues of ethical importance. Accordingly, growing out of a challenge from the Rev. Joe Ingle, minister to death row, we started a working group to address a fundamental moral challenge facing American society: the rate and forms of incarceration in this country. It is clear that the prison system in the United States is broken, and is contributing to the continued breaking of lives, of families, and of communities.

The CTP Working Group on Re-Visioning Justice convenes local academics and activists to consider the problems that attend mass incarceration and the death penalty, and to strategize ways to address them. Nashville has many people actively engaged in protesting mass incarceration and the death penalty, and addressing the challenges that attend our prison industrial complex. Many in this community, and at Vanderbilt, are aware that incarceration enacts racial and economic violence.  We hope to contribute to the re-visioning of justice across the U.S.—our nation has the highest rate of incarceration in the worldand in Nashville specifically. To that end the Cal Turner Program hosted a conference entitled “ Re-Visioning Justice in America ,” held April 17-19, 2015, at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Building on the community and vision created there, we hosted an ACTION SUMMIT on Sept 30-Oct 1, 2016, at Baptist World Center to plan new initiatives to restore justice in Nashville. 

To keep up to date with our latest news, see our Re-Visioning Justice Facebook page.   

Organizations Represented:  

Belmont University  
Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership  
Carpenter Program, Vanderbilt Divinity School  
Children's Defense Fund  
Christ Church Cathedral  
ENTRE Academy  
Lipscomb University  
Metropolitan Nashville Public Defender's Office  
No Exceptions Prison Collective  
Nashville Organized for Action & Hope (NOAH)  
R.E.A.C.H. Coalition  
Tennessee Higher Education Initiative
Temple Church  
Urban Epicenter
Vanderbilt Divinity School