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Please read the consent form (below) before going on to the survey:

Survey for Doctors

Survey for Lawyers

Survey for Ministers

Consent Form

This consent form will provide you with detailed information to make an informed decision on whether to participate in this research project.

Title of Study: Common Moral and Ethical Problems in the Professions

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study is to increase knowledge about the realities of contemporary professional life for ministers and lawyers by developing fine-grained portraits of the complex moral and ethical challenges they face on a daily bases.

Time and effort required: To participate in this study you will need to complete an online survey, which will take approximately 20 minutes. Participants who complete the survey will have the option to participate in a focus group to discuss the survey repsonses. The optional focus group meeting will take two and one-half hours.

Potential Benefits: This knowledge will help scholars develop better pedagogical tools for classroom education, professional training and continuing education in the area of professional ethics. In addition, the project may uncover differences in common moral problems faced by different sub-groups of professionals, knowlege that could benefit leaders and members of the professions as well as scholars.

Confidentiality: We will not share your contact information with anyone not involved in the research project. Your name or identity will not be included in any report, paper or publication resulting from the study without your specific permission.

Right to withdraw: You may withdraw at any time; we will remove your contact information from our data base upon request.

Individuals to contact: If you have a question about your participation in this study, you can contact Dr. Graham Reside at, 615-322-4491.