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About Us


The Cal Turner Program was originally conceived by Cal Turner, Jr., then Chairman and CEO of Dollar General Corporation, and Joseph Hough, Dean Emeritus of the Vanderbilt Divinity School. Together, they envisioned a program that would investigate the dimensions of moral leadership with the goal of producing better leaders who represent high achievement in their professional spheres and leadership through their professions for the common good. Cal Turner, Jr. endowed the program in 1994 in the name of his father, Cal Turner, co-founder of Dollar General Stores Corporation.





Graham Reside, PhD, Executive Director    

Graham headshot Graham Reside comes to the Cal Turner Program with a background in leadership development and academic training in the areas of sociology of religion and morality. His interests include ethics, sociology of culture and religion, sociology of the professions, and the sociology of emotions. Dr. Reside's research and teaching interests are in the role of social institutions as schools of moral formation. Through the shaping of our ideas, values and sentiments, the various professional spheres provide particular moral understandings of the virtuous self and the good society. As the director of the Cal Turner Program, Graham seeks to facilitate discussions across the various professions about their moral purposes and perspectives and to encourage professionals to consider how they contribute to the common good.





Laine Walters Young, PhD,   Assistant Director of the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions

Laine Walters Young has over fifteen years of experience creatively engaging people on issues of cultural difference and moral leadership across religion, region, and racial background in both immersive and classroom settings. Since joining the CTP in August 2019, she has enjoyed dreaming up, designing, and running the day-to-day operations of the Moral Leadership program.

One of the threads of Laine’s life is helping people to reflect upon what we owe each other, ourselves, and those closest to us so that we can treat people better systemically and personally. She loves zooming out to see the big picture of things and then back in to help people breathe, vision, and work toward their intentions.

The best part of her position is working with the fellows, community partners, and many interested faculty and staff members who are a part of the CTP network across the professional schools of law, divinity, medicine, management, education and community development, and nursing.

She holds a doctorate in Religion, Psychology, and Culture from the Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University. Laine’s charisms include working with students from around the world, emotionally and socially supporting change-agents, and spending time with her husband and ever-curious toddler Theodore.

PhD, Vanderbilt University (2019)
Religion, Psychology and Culture

MTS, Harvard Divinity School (2007)
Religion in Public Life

BA, Pacific Lutheran University (2005)
Journalism and Global Studies


 Ashley Buchanan,  Community Salon Student Coordinator and General CTP Graduate Assistant (Divinity)

Ashley Buchanan is a second-year student at Vanderbilt Divinity School. She is pursuing her Master of Divinity in order to be ordained under the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. Ashley is also a recent graduate of Texas Christian University where she received her Bachelor of Arts with a Religion major and a triple minor in Sociology, Classical Studies, and Creative Writing. Ashley is a Nashville native, having only lived elsewhere for the four years she was in Fort Worth for college! She enjoys taking trips to the Warner parks, spending time with her family (especially her nephews), and being at her church camp in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

Ashley was extremely excited to join the staff of the Cal Turner Program in January 2020 because she believes that every piece of one’s life is wrapped up in the idea of morality. She loves getting to ask, “How can we be ethical leaders in every facet of life?” CTP has given her the time and connections to explore this notion further.

Working with the Cal Turner Program has already helped to boost Ashley’s experience with planning events, creating content, and being present for those who need accompaniment in exploring the demands and capacities of moral leadership in a multitude of ways. She sees being on the CTP staff as contributing to not only growing her own capacity for moral leadership, but also facilitating her learning how to help others effectively become moral leaders as she continues to prepare for a vocation in ministry.

Through her first year at Vanderbilt Divinity School and her work with CTP, Ashley has taken a significant interest in Restorative Justice and Carceral Studies. By being able to see how the prison industrial complex and justice system in the United States treat people once they are incarcerated, the morality of the entire system is more complicated than she ever knew. Through the ability to attend classes inside a Tennessee state prison as well as do Restorative Justice work and research through CTP has fostered a passion for justice in a new way.


Alex Ford, Pedagogy and Research Development Graduate Assistant (Peabody)

Alex Ford is in her second year of the Child Studies M.Ed. program at Peabody College and is hoping to continue her studies in a PhD program in the learning sciences or developmental psychology. She attended UNC-Chapel Hill for her undergraduate degree in Middle Grades Education with minors in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Following her undergraduate graduation, she traveled to Mokpo, South Korea where she taught conversational English at a boys’ middle school for two years through the Fulbright Program.

Alex came across the Cal Turner Program while working a class project and was excited to connect with Laine about getting involved. She will be serving as a teaching assistant for a course on moral leadership for Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth Online Academy (ordinarily, Vanderbilt Summer Academy) and has been preparing for the class with Laine since May 2020. She looks forward to integrating her interests in moral development, civic engagement, and teaching through this opportunity.

So far, Alex has enjoyed learning from scholars who study moral leadership and the ways a variety of fields perceive it and collaborating on how to engage students with these concepts. She looks forward to helping foster the growth of and learn from gifted high school students in an academic community focused on the topic of moral leadership.


Board of Directors

Dr. Emilie Townes,  Dean, Vanderbilt Divinity School
Dr. Bart VictorCal Turner Professor of Moral Leadership
Dr. Graham Reside, Executive Director, Assistant Professor Vanderbilt Divinity