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Science Kits

The Center for Science Outreach at Vanderbilt University has many different science kits available for Scientist in the Classroom fellows and teachers to use over the course of the program.

These kits are an all included lesson and lab for the fellow and teacher to teach to their class. Most kits have a student worksheet, lesson outline, and experiment supplies for all the class periods in a day. The majority of the kits are aligned to 7th and 8th Grade MNPS GLE standards but can be modified for younger grades. 

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions for the kits, please contact the kit director through this email address.

Kit Usage

Using these kits is a privilege and they are only available to Scientist in the Classroom fellows and teachers and Resident Scientists at the Center for Science Outreach. There is a Kit Usage Document that anyone who plans on using a kit must read first. It explains kit scheduling and check out procedure. 

It is preferred that the fellow and teacher sit down over the summer and plan out all of their kit usages for the year during the workshop, but it is understood that situations may arise in the classroom that is out of the teacher or fellow's control. If it is known that something is going to change on the kit schedule please let the kit director through this email address, know as soon as possible.  Due to most of the kits having reusable supplies, at least two weeks notice is required to request a kit in order to give enough time to stock the kit. 

Kit Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for each of the kits can be found here.

 Kit Documentation

ATTENTION! Certain kits have special circumstances such as large spaces required or extra supplies. Please read the lesson before reserving the kit. The list of those kits are as follows:

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Wet Lab
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Wet Lab
Strawberry DNA
Properties of CO2
Density Cubes
Inflatable Planetarium
Toilet Paper Solar System Model

List of Kits 

Kits listed by MNPS standards and a short summary

Kits listed by science subject