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Scholar in Residence


jessica greenfield
Jessica Greenfield










Each year CSLS names a Scholar in Residence who works on a specific project related to second language development. The 2016-2017 Scholar in Residence is Jessica Greenfield. Jessica earned a PhD from the University of North Carolina in Romance Languages and Literatures (Italian) In November, Jessica presented at our FTT event on "Testing what we teach: IPA and standards based instruction.  IPA (Integrated Performance Assessment) is an assessment method developed by ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language) in which all three modes of communication are assessed using authentic contexts and real world situations.  In this presentation, Jessica shared the initial results of the implementation of a modified IPA in the two Elementary Italian classes.  What kind of information can the IPA provide that is missing in traditional testing methods?  What steps need to be taken to move toward performance assessment and standards based instruction?  How can standards based assessment be reconciled with traditional grading?