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Italian News Sources

The online newspaper of the city of Alghero.

Alta Frequenza

An electronics magazine.

Alto Adige

A selection of articles from "Corriere delle Alpi". Published in Bolzano.


Cooperative of 37 Italian dailies.

Aosta oggi

Daily newspaper from the Valle d'Aosta region


An Italian business magazine. To access you must register. Also see a listing of articles.

Il Centro

From Pescara, Italy

Il Centro Internet

Online version of Abruzzo's daily paper.

Corriere della Sera

One of Italy's most well-known daily papers.


An online cultural magazine.

La Discussione

The paper of the Unione dei Democratici Cristiani e Democratici di centro.

DWPress Weekly Report

Selected articles from this women's press agency. For complete access you must subscribe.

L'Eco Di Bergamo

From Bergamo, Italy

Gazzetta del Sud

A regional paper.

Gazzetta di Mantova

The on-line version of the oldest daily in Italy,founded in 1664.

Gazzetta di Modena

Sister daily to Gazzetta di Mantova.

Giornale di Calabria

A r egional paper.

Il Manifesto

A Daily Italian newspaper.

Il Mattino di Padova

The most popular daily in Padua.

Il Messaggero

Il Mosaico

Il Ponte

A politcal magazine from the Lombardia region.


Sports news from the RAI.

La Repubblica

From Roma, Italy


An on-line Itaian monthly magazine.

La Stampa

You must subscribe to this daily Italian paper, although free access to information about film and literature is available.

Il Tirreno

From Livorno, Italy

La Tribuna Di Treviso

From Treviso, Italy


A Daily Italian newspaper.

Verona oggi

Daily newspaper from the province of Verona


"Il primo settimanale che affronta con realismo e ottimismo il problema di vivere."