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CSLS Geospatial Tools Group

The goal of the group is to work discover how geospatial tools can help us create better scholarship.  We will be working with tools such as GeoJSON, Mapbox and TileMill.  We will also be looking at readings from Franco Moretti's Atlas of the European Model.  Please write to Todd Hughes if you do not have a copy of this text.

Our next meeting is on February 6, 2015 at 1:00pm in CSLS.  Other meetings will be on the following dates:  March 13; April 10.  

Please contact Todd Hughes for any questions.

We've moved the location of our code!  It's now located on Todd Hughes' GIitHubGist site.   If you have GitHub, you can fork it to your own site.  Here is an extra copy of the 12 September handout!   

Technical training on ArcGIS and other open-source tools is available. For further information, please contact Lindsay Fox.