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Professional Development Workshops

08/20/2020     Virtual Fall Faculty Orientation, "Engaging Students from a Distance" Shannon.Riggs (Oregon State University )   Click here for recorded session
08/25/2020     Language Panda project development sessions  (11:AM) 
09/01/2020     ADA Accessibility and Technology (11 AM) 
09/08/2020     Digital tools  (11: AM)   
09/15/2020     Perusall & Ecomma for Digigal Reading Activities (11 AM) Click here for recorded session
09/18/2020     Panel Discussion: Assessment Tools and Techniques (Dr. Benjamin Legg, Dr. Elyse Petit, and Dr. Silke Schade) 3:00 PM- 4:30 PM  Click here for recorded session.
09/22/2020     Lesson Plans (11 AM)   
09/29/2020     Flipgrid for online video messaging tool (11 AM)
10/06/2020     Co-working hours  (11 AM)   
10/13/2020     Recording videos with Kaltura (11 AM) Click here for recorded session.
10/16/2020     Developing and Using Speaking Assessments for Effective Language Teaching" (lecture by Dr. Megan Montee, Director of Performance-Based Language Assessment, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington DC). (2:30 - 3:30 PM)
10/20/2020     Online Forms, Lesson Plan & Virtual Classroom  (11 AM    Click here for recorded session
10/27/2020     Graphic design to enhance your courses (11 AM)  Click here for recorded session
11/03/2020     Co-working hours  (11 AM)   Click here to join zoom session
11/06/2020     "This Hebrew is Heavy With Impending Catastrophe": Teaching Hebrew in American Colleges (Dr. Mazalit.Haim) (2:30-3:30PM)  Click here to join zoom session
11/10/2020     Turnitin Brightspace tutorial (11 AM) 
11/13/2020     CSLS Virtual Language Teaching Share Fair (2:30-3:30PM) Click here to join zoom session
11/17/2020     Screen recordings  (11 AM)   Click here to join zoom session