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09/01/2020   Teaching with Technology Workshps ADA Accessibility and Technology 
09/08/2020   Language Panda Project Development Digital Tools
09/15/2020   Teaching with Technology WorkshpsPerusall and eComma for Digital Reading Activities
09/18/2020   GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SECOND LANGUAGE STUDIESPanel Discussion: Assessment Tools and Techniques
(Dr. Benjamin Legg, Dr. Elyse Petit, and Dr. Silke Schade)
09/22/2020   Language Panda Project DevelopmentLesson Plans
09/29/2020   Teaching with Technology WorkshpsFlipgrid for Online Video Messaging Tool
10/06/2020   Language Panda Project DevelopmentCo-Working Hour
10/13/2020   Teaching with Technology WorkshpsRecording Videos with Kaltura
10/20/2020   Language Panda Project DevelopmentCo-Working Hour
10/27/2020   Teaching with Technology WorkshpsGraphic Designing to Enhance Your Courses
11/03/2020   Language Panda Project DevelopmentCo-Working Hour
11/10/2020   Teaching with Technology WorkshpsTurnitin Brightspace Tutorial
10/16/2020   GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SECOND LANGUAGE STUDIES"Developing and Using Speaking Assessments for Effective Language Teaching" 
Lecture by Dr. Megan Montee (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington D.C.)
11/17/2020   Language Panda Project DevelopmentScreen Recording
02/01/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS - Using Social Media in the Classroom   (Patrick Murphy) (9 AM)
02/09/2021   LANGUAGE PANDA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SERIES -Introduction and Digital Tools   (9 AM) 
02/12/2021   GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SECOND LANGUAGE STUDIES - Exploring Languages for Professional Purposes through Global Engagement and Sustainability (Nathalie Dieu-Porter, Mary Beth Raycraft, Deborah Reisinger) (3 PM)
(This presentation offers a model for incorporating the engaging, contemporary themes of global engagement, sustainability, and entrepreneurship into a "languages for professional purposes" course.  Using an interdisciplinary and communicative approach, our  method is designed to expose students to business trends and cultural practices in the francophone world.  At the same time, it allows them to develop a better sense of their own career interests as well as the presentational and cultural skills necessary to  pursue internship and employment abroad)
02/15/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS - Using ARC-GIS Story Maps  (Bryant White) (9 AM)
02/23/2021   LANGUAGE PANDA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SERIES - Digital Tools and Lesson Plans  (9 AM)
02/26/2021   Round-Table Discussion: Strategies for Teaching Texts in Zoom (Charlene Helmuth, Benjamin Legg, and Susan Kevra) (2:30 PM)

(We’re defining texts broadly - from the signage in a foreign subway to more formal literary texts. Come see how students can share strategies in a beginning Portuguese class to read signs and navigate themselves on a virtual tour of São Paulo. In an intermediate French class, Persuall, dubbed a “truly social reader” lets students annotate an excerpt from a  Simone de Beauvoir novel to navigate through a somewhat challenging text while zeroing in on grammar and vocabulary they can use in their own writing.  And finally, see how the Brightspace Discussion Board can be used in an upper-level Spanish course)

03/01/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS - Setting your grade book right on Brightspace (Brandon Crawford)   (9 AM)
03/12/2021   Using Games and Simulations in the Classroom (Felix Kronenberg)     (2:30 PM)
03/15/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS - Teaching with Games and Simulations Click here for presentation  (Derek Price) (9 AM)
03/19/2021   GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SECOND LANGUAGE STUDIES - Panel Discussion: Language for Professional Purposes at Vanderbilt (Lori Catanzaro, Silke Schade, Cynthia Wasick)  Click here for presentation video (3 PM)
03/29/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS  Jamboard and Canva  Click here for recording  (9 AM)
04/02/2021   Creating Quizzes on Brightspace Click here for recording  Brandon Crawford (2:30 PM)
04/06/2021   LANGUAGE PANDA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SERIES - Co-Working Hour  Click here to join  (9 AM)
04/09/2021   Panel Discussion: How to Foster Interculturality in Asian Language Courses (Hideko Shimizu, Xianminn Liu, and Seok Jang)  Click he to join   (2:30 PM)
04/14/2021   TEACHIN G WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS Using Talkabroad as Feedback Tool Click here to join  (Carolina Palacios) (11 AM)
04/20/2021   LANGUAGE PANDA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SERIES - Screen Recodring   Click here to join  (9 AM)
04/23/2021   GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SECOND LANGUAGE STUDIES- Brainstorming Workshop: How to Create a Course in Languages for Professional Purposes (Patrick Murphy, Elyse Petit, Silke Schade,  Lori Catanzaro, Nathalie Porter)  Click here to join  (3 PM)
04/26/2021   TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS Using Zooniverse  Steven Rodriguez  Click here to join (9 Am)
Center for Second Language Studies, 2301 Vanderbilt Place, P.M.B. 356202, Nashville, TN, 37235