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2013 -14

04/11/2014   Roundtable Discussion: Technology and Language Learning (Graduate students from German,French, and Spanish)

04/04/2014   CSLS Graduate Student CALL Seminar: Session IV

03/28/2014    Wikimania! (Rebecca Peterson, Tatiana Filimonova, Michiru Lowe, Roquin Wang, Alana Álvarez)

03/21/2014   CSLS Graduate Student CALL Seminar: Session III

03/14/2014   Developing Cultural Projects to Enhance Writing Skills and Understand Cultural Practices and
                        Perspectives   Presentation   (Alicia Lorenzo)  

02/21/2014    Videoflying to a More Enjoyable and Productive Oral and Aural Skills
                         Assessment (Carolina Palacios)

02/14/2014   CSLS Graduate Student CALL Seminar: Session II

02/07/2014    Culture and Multiple Literacies video    Presentaition (Sébastien Dubreil UT Knoxville)

01/24/2014    CSLS Graduate Student CALL Seminar:  Session I (Todd Hughes)

01/17/2014    Caught in the Web of Truths:Teaching Your Students How to Lie (Oliver Knabe)

11/22/2013     "We" > "I" : WeVideo and Oral-Proficiency Assessment in the Foreign  Language Classroom
                         (Carolina   Palacios & Megan Myers)

11/07/2013      TFLTA Keynote presentation (Virginia Scott)

10/25/2013     Resources for teaching and learning Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish & Portuguese (Todd Hughes)

09/27/2013     Enhancing the study of Medieval and Early Modern Travel Narratives through Computer Visualizations
                          ( Lynn Ramey & Todd Hughes)

09/13/2013    Study Abroad, Community Engagement, and Self-Perceived Language Efficacy
                         (Jorge Cubillos, University of Delaware)

09/06/2013     Training for using the "7 Billion Others" web site in your classroom Nathalie Dieu-Porter

08/19/2013    CSLS Fall 2013 Orientation Seven Billion Others: Teaching Languages through Cultural Awareness
                         (Nathalie Dieu-Porter)