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05/03/2013     Todd Hughes and Steven Wenz present "Innovative Uses of Web 2.0 Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching" at the Center for Teaching's Celebration of Teaching

04/12/2013    Creating classroom presentations with Prezi (April Stevens and Caroline Boone, French)

04/05/2013     Using iPad filming and YouTube in a conversation class (Peggy Setje-Eilers, German)

04/01/2013     Putin, Pussy Riot, and the Art of Resistance

03/29/2013     Social Media workshop (Cory Duclos, Spanish)

03/22/2013      Pearson Publishers present MyLanguageLabs

03/15/2013      Teaching film as text (Andrea Mirabile, Italian)

02/15/2013      What is Digital Humanities and why is it important? (Todd Hughes, CSLS)

02/01/2013     Developing advanced oral proficiency in the literature classroom Oral Proficiency (Virginia Scott, CSLS)

01/18/2013     Development of Writing Skills through Cross-Cultural Learning in the Language Classroom (Alicia Lorenzo, Spanish)

12/07/2012      Social Media workshop (Cory Duclos, Spanish)

11/30/2012     Social Pedagogies (Derek Bruff, Center for Teaching)

11/16/2012     Social Media workshop (Cory Duclos, Spanish)

10/31/2012      Ecology, Equity and Ethics in Education In Aboriginal Australia (Gillian Wigglesworth, University of Melbourne)

10/26/2012     Digital Story Telling (Todd Hughes, CSLS)

10/19/2012     Social Media workshop Twitter in the Language Classroom   Handouts   Twitter References (Cory Duclos, Spanish)

10/12/2012     Students talking with iPads (Annette Joseph-Gabriel , French)

09/28/2012      Theme Based Language Teaching in the 21st Century (Jianhua Bai, Kenyon College)

09/14/2012     Teaching Grammar in CLT Framework (Virginia Scott, CSLS)

08/21/2012     CSLS Fall 2012 Orientation Input Processing