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2011 - 2012

3/30/2012     Special Information Session about CSLS Renovation and Summer Closing Presentation

2/24/2012     ACTFL Oral Profeciency Interview OPI Guidelines

11/11,2011     ACTFL Proficiency and the National Standards   ACTFL speaking guidelines    ACTFL writing guidelines

10/21/2011.   Hiram Maxim (Director, Emory University Language Center). Where to begin:  Principles for selecting and sequencing content in collegiate FL curricula (Powerpoint) (Handout)

Multicompetent L2 learners Language Use Contract

10/4/2011.  CLAS/CSLS outreach workshop for FL teachers.  What does memory have to do with it?
Multicompetent L2 learners

9/2/2011. Teaching world languages at Vanderbilt - Goals & approaches Teaching world languages at Vanderbilt

General Orientation 2011: Danish Lesson PowerPoint.