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About us

The Center for Second Language Studies (CSLS) offers a welcoming and dynamic environment that brings together innovative technologies, language learning and teaching, and language communities from across Vanderbilt. The mission of CSLS is to promote the exchange of ideas and expertise among colleagues from all departments, programs, and centers in order to foster proficiencies in world languages and develop cultural awareness among students and faculty.

In support of those objectives, we offer professional development, technology training, collaborative scholarship opportunities, and language-centered events including:

•    Friday at Two Ten presentations, workshops, and showcases led by Vanderbilt instructors, faculty, and graduate students in the use of digital tools for second-language proficiency and intercultural awareness.

•    One-on-one technology-based project development sessions and consultations.

•    Graduate-student-led working groups that focus on integrating innovative technology in language pedagogy.

•    Foreign Language Edge event for students to explore career paths and learn how to maximize their language skills

•    Scholar-in-residence opportunity to support a specific project related to second-language development.

•    Social events and language clubs for language learners and educators to promote language proficiency and cultural knowledge.

By providing both a technological and a social environment for language learners and educators, the center encourages interdisciplinary cooperation, critical thinking, open-mindedness, and meaningful and intellectually stimulating interactions.