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About us

The Center for Second Language Studies (CSLS) strives to offer a communicative, friendly, welcoming, interesting, dynamic, flexible and adaptive environment to explore the use of innovative technologies and enhance language learning and teaching. The mission of CSLS is to connect our foreign language communities at Vanderbilt through the exchange of ideas and expertise among colleagues from all departments, programs, and centers across campus. In this way, we seek to foster proficiencies in world languages as well as to develop cultural awareness among students and faculty. We host professional development presentations (Fridays at two Ten) and offer ongoing training in the use of digital tools for developing second language proficiency and intercultural awareness. Each year CSLS names a scholar in residence who works on a specific project related to second language development. In addition, CSLS also identifies graduate student affiliates who work on projects aiming at integrating innovative technology in foreign language learning and teaching. Providing both technical and social environments to language learners and educators, the center focuses on learner autonomy and the principles of liberal arts education. It aspires to foster interdisciplinary cooperation, critical thinking, tolerance, open-mindedness and a broad scope of cultural awareness by offering a venue for meaningful and intellectually stimulating social interactions.